Friday, July 11, 2014

From the Bike Inn to the Pacific Ocean

Leaving Clatskanie, I was mostly just grateful that the weather had finally decided to cooperate with us and to stop raining for a bit. I was thinking that since we were following the river out towards the Pacific Ocean that the terrain would be less hilly, but I could not have been any more wrong about that. Honestly, living in flat Los Angeles did not prepare me at all for the hilly terrain of Oregon. For some reason, we kept going up and down cliffs, essentially following the river but always going towards it or away from it. 

Our route from Clatskanie to Bob’s RV Park, just north of Seaside, a distance of 50 miles for a total of 353 miles traveled so far. 

Along the way we stopped for some ice cream at an adorable little coffee shop.

Enjoying some ice cream at a great little coffee shop.

And while the ride was hilly and physically hard, we did have some beautiful scenery. Once we got to Astoria, we had a separated bike path for a bit which was quite nice.

The scenery along our route.

Taking a snack break and enjoying the view.

The architecture in Astoria reminded me more of a northeastern town than a Californian town. There weren't nearly as many modern elements or Mexican influences in the architecture so to me it appeared like a traditional colonial town.

Once in Astoria, we had finally made it to the main part of the coastal route! We were finally on the Oregon Coast bike route!

A kiosk providing information about the Oregon coast bike route.

We still couldn't really see the Pacific since we were in the Columbia River delta, but at least we were next to water! After Astoria, we were on the 101 but we still couldn't really see the Pacific since there’s so many trees between the 101 and the ocean. It’s pretty amazing how the coast turns so quickly into a forest.

That night, we stayed at an RV Park since there weren't really any state parks nearby and we had already done a 50 mile ride for the day. And with that, it was back to sleeping in the tent and cooking our own pasta dinners.

Our pasta alfredo with added canned vegetables and chicken.

The next day, it was back on the road and continuing south along the Oregon Coast Bicycle Route.

Following the well-marked Oregon Coast Bicycle Route.

Our route from Seaside to Nehelem Bay, 27 miles for 380 total miles pedaled.

Pedaling along the 101.

We were just doing our thing, pedaling along, when finally there was a break in the trees and we could see ocean!!

Finally! Beach and ocean!

Finally, I felt like I could finally see the Pacific Coast I had envisioned when planning this trip. Or course, I couldn't resist the urge to go to the beach.

The beautiful, flat, white sands beaches of the Oregon Coast.

The beaches really are quite beautiful.

Ethan had to get in the water, it was freezing!

Of course, this is Oregon, so it was crazy windy. Ethan tried to dig us a wind shelter.

Ethan digging a wind shelter.

In the end, we just went and hid behind some bushes, enjoying the sunshine. We ended up staying at the beach for a few hours enjoying the sunshine and resting. Of course, we needed to make camp before sundown, so eventually we left the beach and it was back to the 101. It was amazing how quickly it was back to trees, but at least we could still see the Ocean.

The view of the Pacific through the trees.

Now that we were on the main Pacific route, we started passing by view points.

Checking out the view points off the 101.

Those cliffs are beautiful but we have to pedal up them!

The weary travelers enjoying the view.

After many more hills, we finally made it to our camp for that night, Nehelem Bay State Park.

The entrance to the state park.

Watching sunset over Nehelem Bay.

Anyway, that's it for now!  Hope you all are enjoying the pictures because we've certainly been enjoying the scenery!

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