Monday, June 30, 2014

Biking through Northwestern Washington, From Kitsap to Shelton

What's interesting about the Adventure Cycling Pacific Coast route is that we are actually quite far inland for the majority of the ride through Washington.  

Our route from Kitsap to Belfair, about 35 miles of riding for a total 152 miles of riding.

When we arrived at Belfair State Park, the Scottish guy we had met at Kitsap was already there.  It was great getting to see a familiar face and riding with another person on the same route.

At the entrance to Belfair State Park.

In addition to Mike, the Scottish guy biking to San Francisco, there was also French biker setting up camp. The French guy, Thomas, is also planning to go all the way to San Diego. Not only is it his first time touring, but it was also his first time camping!  He had started in Seattle and this was his first time setting up camp. 

We also set up our camp which basically means unloading the bikes, pitching the tent, getting dinner ready, Typically, Ethan sets up and cooks dinner while I pitch the tent and of course, inflate the air mattress. Some of the more, shall we say, "experienced" campers have been giving me a hard time about bringing along an air mattress. Well, you know what I think? Screw the haters. They're all just jealous of how comfortable I am while I sleep.

Inflating the air mattress is a daily task I do gladly.

Since we arrived at Belfair relatively early, we decided to go cook dinner at a campsite by the water so we could have a nice view while we ate. Mike and Thomas joined us for dinner and we had a nice meal.

Dinner by the water

Fellow tourers! From left to right, Ethan, Stephanie, Thomas, and Mike

The next morning, when we were planning our route, we realized there isn't really any camping along the Adventure Cycling route until you get to Elma which is over 60 miles away.  We thought about trying to make it all the way to Elma, but Ethan's knee has been sore so we decided to deviate off route a bit again.  We found a trailer Park near Shelton which had an area for tent camping and decided to stay there for the night.

Our route from Belfair to Shelton, 35 more miles of riding for a total 187 miles ridden so far.

The residents seemed very friendly but seemed to think we were crazy for leaving California!  Ethan and I didn't think there was anything too sketchy but the residents gave us some warnings about how crazy trailer parks can get!  Alas, we felt safe and were grateful for the place to do our laundry and spend the night for only $10.

Ready to leave the Shelton Trailer Park and get back on the road!

Well, that's it for now!  The next few days we took pretty easy because of Ethan's knee but we're back on the road and in Oregon now!  To get more up to date info on where we are, check out our GPS map here!

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